What a crazy, wild, and amazing ride it's been.

I can’t imagine myself in any other career.


I decided I wanted to be cosmetologist in elementary school and never looked back. While I’ve always known cosmetology was my passion, I never would’ve dreamed I’d get asked to work at my dream salon immediately upon receiving my license. That was my end goal for my career, and there I found myself at age 19 living the dream. God is so good. Since I never imagined I’d be working there so soon in my career I really never would’ve guessed that I’d leave that salon a short 10 months later. In a crazy whirlwind of events I found myself a salon owner. And, oh how I love it. What a crazy, wild and amazing ride it’s been.

I truly love creating art through cosmetology. How wonderful that my art is living and breathing, helps people express who they are, and has the ability to make somebody feel beautiful and brighten so many of their days. Yet, it’s so much more than that because I love my clients. Where else would I have the opportunity to sit one on one with so many unique people and just get to know them, hear their desires, create conversations, and create so many beautiful relationships. What a blessing.

The best part of being a salon owner is I get to take that creativity and make a beautiful space with it too. I was able to create a relaxing, refreshing, rustic, and fun place where I get to spend most of my days. I think you’d like to spend some time here too!


I got married at age 18, and we moved to the ranch my husband runs shortly thereafter. Some may say I just live in the middle of a pasture. They’re so right! But, it’s the beautiful, quiet, wild flower lined, dusty, animal packed, oasis that I love to call home. I’m a dog mom of 5 (No, I don’t know how we ended up with so many either) to a spunky and wild chiweenie, two fun loving cocker spaniels, and two cattle dogs that spend their days working with my husband. It’s not much, but it’s a simple life that I’ve fallen in love with.


If you don’t find me at the salon you’ll probably find me being the shot gun rider in my husband’s old, rickety ranch pick-up opening and closing gates and then opening and closing some more gates (if ya know, ya know), whipping up some home cooked meals (those are about the only two things I’m good for around the ranch), watching some sporting event that one of my many, many siblings or sibling in-law’s (don’t even get me started on cousins) is participating in, sweeping up all the dirt and dust that I never can seem to keep out of my house, or trying to keep my little chiweenie from chasing or, God forbid, catching and bringing me prairie dogs. Yikes! Let me tell ya one thing, I never find myself bored!


But, enough about me, I’m ready to meet you! Call 719-662-1080 or visit my Request an Appointment page to make an appointment. I can’t wait to start creating with you.

Wyncie Groves
Owner & Stylist

*Photo by Jamie Anne Photography